Supplements For Menopause

Collagen Zooki

Collagen is essentially the scaffolding and glue that holds us together, but as we age our collagen production slows down. This decline rapidly speeds up during menopause, meaning that post menopause we struggle to make even 25% of what we were able to make earlier in life. This manifests as sagging skin, wrinkles, lacklustre hair and nails and your tendons and bones can also suffer.

Boasting a blend of marine collagen and real fruit extracts, Collagen Zooki is the perfect way to get high strength (5000mg) marine collagen into your diet in a way you’ll actually enjoy, all the while supporting your skin strength, hydration and elasticity, plus your hair, nails and bones.

Glutathione Zooki:

Glutathione Zooki packs 100mg of Glutathione and 1mg of Riboflavin into each serving. The nutrients are wrapped in lipids - the same things that make up your cells - ensuring they are easily transported and absorbed in your body. What makes Glutathione a powerful antioxidant also makes it incredibly unstable, which is why
Glutathione Zooki is stored within airtight oral syringes, protecting against oxidation so every dose is as effective as the last. It’s flavoured with natural orange, clove, cinnamon and vanilla extracts for a comforting, autumnal taste.

Glutathione supports menopause in a variety of ways. It's a master antioxidant that protects cells from damage from free radicals and toxins and helps your body recycle other important antioxidants, like vitamin C. This detoxification element also helps reduce excess oestrogen hormone levels, which can cause a problem in perimenopause! It's also vital for energy production!

Zooki has a Menopause bundled with these two products. Click here to find out more. 

About Zooki

At Zooki, our mission is to make the world a happier and healthier place with great-tasting supplements that actually work. Wrapped in natural lipids to ensure the nutrients get to where they’re needed and flavoured with natural fruit extracts, the Zooki range are delicious, easy to take and free from sugar, alcohol, gluten, soy and GMOs.

Zooki was born when co-founder Marcus Mollinga sought to find a tastier alternative to the unpleasant Omega 3 capsules prescribed to him for a rugby injury. Unable to find what he was looking for, he and university friend Jack Morrison decided to create their own. Zooki is now stocked around the world and has replaced over 40 million capsules with tasty and effective sachets!

At Librium Menopause Clinic, we offer members a discounted price on all Your Zooki supplements. Our nutritionists and Wellness Coaches can help determine the right supplements for you.