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Reiki & Meditation For Menopause

Menopause is exacerbated by increases in stress levels. As exercise and reiki help reduce stress hormones in the body, this can help balance hormones and reduce menopausal symptoms.

Reiki is a great way to reduce stress for those who struggle to sit still to meditate. 

About Sam

Sam is a fitness trainer, reiki practitioner, and freelance writer based in south London. Having moved to Australia to study fitness in 2018, Sam has worked for various fitness companies across Sydney and London, teaching group fitness to a broad range of clients. Sam qualified as a reiki practitioner before returning to the UK in 2019, bringing emotional wellbeing to the forefront of her work. Her ultimate aim is to make fitness holistic by reuniting mind and body. With a deep passion for mental wellbeing, Sam works with her clients to look into the root causes of why we feel the way we do, using her reiki and fitness work to help her clients feel the best they possibly can. Having worked within the fitness industry, both in Australia and the UK, Sam decided to use what she had learned to write for businesses in the fitness and wellbeing space. Her clients include the Sports Performance Directory, Oregon Sports News, and Virtuagym. Through her writing, she aims to empower clients with as much knowledge as possible so that they can take back control of both their physical and emotional wellbeing.

What Sam Does

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique used within alternative medicine. Using a light touch- or by placing hands above the body- our aim as reiki practitioners is to guide your body's energy flow to promote natural healing. 'Rei' meaning universal, and 'kei' meaning lifeforce energy, reiki is designed to work with your energy field to redirect energy to where you need it most. During treatment, you can expect to experience deep relaxation and sometimes a slight tingling or heat sensation throughout your body. You may feel changes immediately or later, but you will experience calm throughout the session. By moving stagnant energy blocks, you can expect to experience relaxation, improved sleep, reduced stress and anxiety, improved emotional wellbeing, and (in some cases) mild pain relief.


  • C III Fitness

  • II Reiki (practitioner)

  • CPR/AED/ First Aid

What they treat

Emotional wellbeing (stress, lack of sleep, anxiety etc.) and physical wellbeing (exercise, injury prevention through stretch and mobility sessions.)