Nutrition For Menopause

Nutrition is vital for good health at any stage of life, but even more so during menopausal years. 


Maintaining a healthy weight has been proven to help reduce symptoms and other underlying health conditions that menopause may exacerbate. Whatsmore, we can utilise nutrition to reduce symptoms such as hot flashes, joint problems and hair loss, and make sure you get all the essential nutrients to feel your best. This can help prevent cardiovascular disease, optimise bone health and balance energy levels. 


Nutrition appointments with Huguette can help women maintain a healthy weight, understand how hormone changes can affect daily life and how to cope with them. Through sustainable and life-long changes, Huguette helps her female clients ensure they're on the right track to age gracefully and maintain good health.


Menopause is not a disease, so let's make it a smooth transition into the next chapter of our life.  

About Huguette

I believe in real food that can help replenish and nourish our bodies: no fad diets, no compromise on taste, just great wholesome and real foods. 


I am passionate about maintaining a holistic approach to nutrition and I am convinced that good food can have a positive impact on overall health, mindset and quality of life.  I can help you reconnect with food and feel better in your body. 

Together we will review your daily diet, analyse your food choices and eating patterns. I will advise you on your daily needs to create better habits and maintain good health in the long term. 


I can address weight and digestive issues, help with cravings, emotional eating and sugar addiction. 

What Huguette Does

Nutritionist Huguette Lelong invites you to take a Wellness Journey to transform your mind, physical health and body.


Huguette is a passionate and expert holistic nutritionist who is convinced that good nutrition and lifestyle changes can help you reach optimal health, inside and out. So whether you want to understand more about nutrition, eat well for your body and get more energy, lose or gain weight, or control bad habits, Huguette can advise you in the comfort of your own home or through zoom.


A healthy, refined, tasty and nutrient-dense diet combined with long-term lifestyle changes (including exercise, good sleep and stress management) is the best recipe for optimal wellbeing. 


Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine Nature Care College in Sydney

What they treat

Reassess diet, manage weight gradually and sustainably (weight loss and gain), manage cravings & emotional eating, address digestive issues, and deal with addiction to sugar.