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Breathwork For Menopause

Breathwork has a profound affect on both hormone balance and mood. Many women can develop mood swings and anxiety during menopause, which can be improved with therapies such as breathwork. Breathwork also allows us to relax and find our zen, and is a great alternative for those that struggle with meditation. By meditating or entering into a theta brainwave state, we are able to deeply relax and balance cortisol levels, our stress hormone. Our breath affects our endocrine system, so by controlling the breath, we are able to create a better hormone balance.

About Fini

Fini helps her clients to optimise their physical and mental wellbeing through the power of their own breath.

With a background in psychology and organisational psychology, Fini trained to become a breathwork coach following a powerful first experience of the practice in Bali. From there, she worked with Transformational Breath, then completed certification with the great teacher Alan Dolan, and went on to train with Oxygen Advantage.

Fini is so passionate about breathwork because it transformed her life, enabling her to heal from childhood trauma, and regulate her nervous system.

What Fini Does

I use a combination of deeper breathwork sessions for emotional release and integration, reconnection to self and intuition, and also functional techniques for optimum breathing. I'm a great believer in coinciding therapeutic work with everyday state-enhancing techniques to help induce sleep, reduce anxiety, and more. Breathwork has helped me find more clarity, connection, and peace in my own life, and I'm passionate about bringing this modality to others.

I tailor my sessions to the unique needs of each individual, ensuring I have a solid understanding of their history and how to best move forward in their healing. I mainly work with individuals looking to relieve anxiety and depression, those wanting to find more clarity and reconnect with themselves, and also those looking to improve various physical ailments.


  • Breath Guru Conscious Connected Facilitator

  • Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor

What They Treat

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Disconnection from self

  • Breathing difficulties

  • Sleep problems

  • Overall wellbeing