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Pilates For Menopause

Menopause can bring a multitude of other issues that can make you feel out of touch with your own body. In Pilates, we focus on a mind-body connection and help you feel in control of your body, health and fitness. Pilates is great to help you feel stronger and empowered, and get rid of any aches and pains. This is such a great thing to add to your fitness routine to keep you feeling healthy, injury-free and strong.

About Cesar

Brazilian-born Cesar has always been passionate about health, fitness and body-mind exercise. A former International First Class Flight Attendant for Qantas Airways, he started out teaching Ashtanga Yoga. But after suffering a back injury in 2013, he saw first-hand how powerful Pilates can be for rehabilitation and injury prevention. He says Pilates was ‘the one and only exercise method’ that effectively resolved his back pain and guided him towards becoming an instructor. He went on to complete his Mat Pilates and Equipment accreditation and a Comprehensive Classical Pilates Instructor Training Program in Sydney, Australia. Cesar is extremely passionate about helping other people reap the many benefits of Pilates, which comes across in his teaching style. His priority is postural strength and alignment, control and breathing, plus precision in the body and the movements. Alongside his classes and clients, Cesar teaches Pilates to people with Multiple Sclerosis through the MS Society, which he finds extremely rewarding. In addition to his Pilates qualifications, Cesar has a Post Graduate degree in Social Communications and Health Sciences, a Nutrition Health Coaching qualification, and a qualified Yoga teacher registered with the Yoga Alliance. Cesar truly believes that happiness comes from a healthy body and a highly trained mind.

What Cesar Does

As a Pilates Coach, I believe that the best outcome comes from the strength I can help my clients achieve and the connection I can have with my client. I help people improve their ability to complete daily tasks and increase their energy levels to be more productive and progress towards a fitness goal. When they achieve this, they can move well, feel strong, avoid injuries and prevent painful movement. Experience has shown me that injury is one of the most significant obstacles anyone has to face when it comes to reaching their goals. So, as well as making one stronger and improving overall sense of wellbeing, I work your body as your body needs to be worked. This is a day-by-day process, so your body will feel slightly different every day, and nothing takes the place of a solid foundation. Helping people feel better through movement and exercise is my passion, so I hope to help you too.


Comprehensive Instructor Training Program Pilates Chicago- 620 hours Ball, Circle and Band Course Studio Pilates International Matwork Instructor - Studio Pilates International Health Coach - Institute for Integrative Nutrition Yoga Alliance 200 hours Teacher training Movement And Mechanics - Pilates Chicago Z Health Solution Currently 85% completed Diploma Level 3 Personal Training

What they treat

  • General fitness

  • Injuries

  • Weight management

  • Improved posture & alignment