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Initial consultation with a Wellness Coach

Book an initial consultation with a wellness coach for just £60. If you're not sure how our services can benefit you book a free 15-minute phone call before committing to the initial consultation. 


We know the Menopause can feel scary and overwhelming, but there are many lifestyle factors and holistic therapies that can help empower you by improving your wellbeing and symptoms. 

At the Librium Menopause Clinic, we guide you through a bespoke programme to help align your hormones and support your symptoms. We can also refer you to the best medical specialists for you and support you through this process too. In addition, our Menopause Wellness Coaches assist you every step of the way, because you deserve the support and no one should have to go it alone.

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Every menopause experience is unique and requires an entirely different approach. So all our programmes are made bespoke for you. Your chosen Wellness Coach will sit down and listen to your concerns and symptoms, and ask about your lifestyle and medical history. With this information, we will come up with an action plan with you and the team. We work together to give you the best support possible.

Whether you want to try a natural route or help supplement HRT, our programmes can improve your experience with the Menopause. We can even communicate with your menopause consultants and work to help you on an even deeper level. 


We want to put your mind at rest, knowing your health and wellbeing are in the safest of hands. However, with the lack of regulation in wellbeing, it's hard to know who to trust. All our holistic practitioners undergo an extensive screening process and ongoing evaluations to ensure they are top of their field. So your treatment works to the best of its ability. 
Not only this, every therapist and your wellness coach who work with you work together on your treatment plan and progress, ensuring each therapist complements one another. 
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Online | At Home | In Clinic

Our practitioners and partners all work in different ways and locations, so there is always an option to fit you. They will either see you in your home, online or in their own clinics (based in London). 


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